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I'm throwing a romantic themed bridal shower. Any ideas for the brunch menu?

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petitbleu added almost 2 years ago

For romantic, you could go French (I'm having Bridesmaids flashbacks, though) and serve quiche, radishes with cultured butter and fleur de del, good baguettes, a selection of gooey French cheeses (stink=good), and individual seasonal fruit galettes or chocolate truffles.

SKK added almost 2 years ago

Champagne and strawberries. Oysters on the half shell with a pink pomegranate mache salad.
Strawberry zabaglione

Steam lobster tail over risotto is another possibility.

Or a paste with shrimp and tender vegetables. (I think Italian food is incredibly romantic!)

SKK added almost 2 years ago

This is an incredible fondue from hardlikearmour http://food52.com/recipes...
Fondues are romantic!

ATL added almost 2 years ago
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Definitely champagne as mentioned above (spring for the good stuff). Poached salmon fiilet with some kind of light sauce on the side with choice of filet of beef. Individual timbales of an asparagus purée. Mini croissants or mini popovers with raspberry whipped butter. Chocolate truffles, tiny butter cookies, and chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert.

ATG117 added almost 2 years ago

Small tea sandwiches of different varieties might be nice. gravlax is another idea. And what about scones or a variety of dainty cookies.

nutcakes added almost 2 years ago

Salmon, grilled asparagus (can be served room temp), lemon rice, spinach salad, with raspberries, chocolate custard tart.

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