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flour for pie crust

I'm making a pie crust that calls for 3/4c AP flour and 1/4c whole wheat flour. Do you think I'll be okay using all AP?

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RachelS added almost 2 years ago

Yes. You'll just miss the nuttiness of the wheat flour as far as flavor goes. Texture-wise, AP flour has less gluten than whole wheat, so in fact it's more ideal for something delicate and tender like a pie or tart crust

Benny added almost 2 years ago

Yes. You can use all AP flour.


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added almost 2 years ago

By all means. You might want to use a couple of tablespoons more, because WW flour is going to absorb more water than straight AP.

ATG117 added almost 2 years ago

Thanks all and to boulangere for your tip. I was wondering about the liquid to flour ratio

Sam1148 added almost 2 years ago
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For pie crust..don't go by ratio..except as a starting point. There are way too many factors involved (humidity, the softness of the flour, the type of ap flour..etc..etc.) Go by feel and texture...making a crumblike mix at firs; cutting in the fat and then adding moisture just until it comes togethe and it should look rugged at that pointr; with resting the dough in the fridge which will make it smoother and more 'rollable' for the second working when you use a roll it out...then to avoid the crust shrinking...put the pan back in the fridge for 1/2 or so before pre-baking the crust. (if your doing that). Also, if you have vodka on hand...mix up 1/2 of vodka to 1/2 of water and put that in the freezer first--this will lower the gluten strands in the dough and let the liquid get 'supercold' without introducing ice crystals to the dough.

Sam1148 added almost 2 years ago

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