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If i have to make pasta for 15people for a very early brunch, can i make it the night before? And how would i reheat?

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Merrill is a co-founder of Food52.

added almost 2 years ago

What about a baked pasta? This one is delicious, and you can really add any other flavors you like -- you could omit the tomatoes and add blanches asparagus and peas, for example. http://www.food52.com/recipes... Just take it through Step 4, then cover and refrigerate; the next morning, dump it into a casserole dish and bake it off!


Merrill is a co-founder of Food52.

added almost 2 years ago

Sorry, for brunch for 15 people you'd probably need to make a double batch.

mensaque added almost 2 years ago

Merrill beat me to the punch.My idea for you was also baked pasta.I do it all the time and it's even better the next day...Just bake it and when you're ready to reheat,do it uncovered, add some parmesan and olive oil to the top,and just a splash of watter.

Susie T. Gibbs added almost 2 years ago

I like the idea for a baked pasta, you don't mention the original type of pasta you will be making? It all depends on that in my opinion and on what the sauce is as well. I would never try it with angel hair...and truly, the most I would do is to make it up to 2 hours ahead. I think the starches change too much with refrigeration.

If you want a loose sauce with it, then I would cook it to barely al dente. Shock it in cold water and immediately drain it. Toss it with a TINY bit of olive oil, just barely enough to keep it from sticking together, then spread out onto a baking sheet. At the last minute you can either drop it back into hot water for about 45 seconds then drop into a pan to coat with sauce or you can also drop directly into a saute pan and rewarm in the sauce. But it truly depends totally on the type of pasta and type of sauce.

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