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Do I need to refrigerate fruit (pineapple) infused tequila while it is infusing? I haven't. Is it still ok?

Pineapple, brown sugar, tequila, & vanilla bean

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hardlikearmour is a trusted home cook.

added almost 2 years ago

Should be fine. The high proof of the tequila will inhibit spoilage.

BoulderGalinTokyo added almost 2 years ago

I think so too. We use fresh fruits like ume plum, rhubarb, kumquats and natsu mikan--citrus, blueberries in shotchu which has an alcohol level of 35%. We never refrigerate. Keeps about a year but did find plum wine in a shed for 10 years--boy was that mellow!
Tequilla has an alcohol content of 40% or above so should be fine.

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