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Uses for nutmeg scraps?

I always used whole nutmegs, and I grate as needed. Invariably, I have about 1/8 or so of various nutmegs gathering in a jar. This are too small to grate (without taking some finger off, too), but I hate to throw them away. Does anyone have any ideas for how to use these?

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added almost 2 years ago
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You could whizz them up in a spice grinder to get a powder. This can be added into a garam masala or other spice blend, or used as ground nutmeg.

Or, you could infuse the whole chunks into cream, milk, b├ęchamel, etc and strain them out before using the product in various dishes.

inpatskitchen added almost 2 years ago

Love the infusion idea!!

imadok added almost 2 years ago

I'd love some nutmeg infused steamed milk. Yum.

Tony S added almost 2 years ago

Use a microplane to grate the scraps. I know it sounds impossible but you can run your fingertips down the surface of a microplane without any harm.

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