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Does anyone have a good recipe/marinade for boneless skinless chicken breasts? Trying to keep them lo cal but juicy- thanks!

asked by petrea over 3 years ago
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A good starting point is this site:


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I brine a lot - it really helps keep chicken breasts moist. A quick and easy one - bring 1/2 c salt, 1/2 c sugar, 2 c water to a boil. Add ice to cool it back down, and let the chicken breats soak for a couple hours to overnight. We have several favorite add-ins, whole garahm masala, or peppercorns, bay leaf and lemon zest. Whatever flavors appeal, add those into the brine. Then you can grill or broil or whatever and come out with a tasty juicy dinner!

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You could try these. The panko and Parmesan will add a few extra calories but they're worth it!


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I usually marinate my boneless chicken breasts in lowfat buttermilk, sometimes with fresh herbs, hot sauce, lemon, etc. I pat try and bake or sautee and they're always tasty.

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I simply salt/pepper and pan saute them. Deglaze the pan with some chicken broth/vermouth add some thyme and the juice of one lemon. Reduce by 2/3rds. Throw in some capers (or not) and you're done!

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I cook mine sous vide with a variety of flavorants and then (sometimes) sear them off afterwards. Depends on the saucing. You don't need a lot of fancy sous vide equipment - a styrofoam cooler, the ability to get the air out of a ziplock bag (immersion method works really well) and a handy kettle of very hot water to top up the cooler with. You want to maintain 145-ish for the chicken breasts

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one of my fave summer chicken recipes for the grill:
cut the boneless, skinless breasts into 2 inch chunks and season with s+p and herbs de provence.
then marinate in the following:
big plop of grainy mustard, a few drizzles of olive oil, lemon zest and a splash of chicken broth.
the marinade should be be sticky so it coats the chicken, not too runny. i marinate for at least 1/2 hour, longer if there's time. when you're ready to grill, skewer REALLY TIGHTLY onto soaked wooden (or metal) skewers and grill a few minutes - until you get a nice char and the chicken lifts easily off the grill - each on all 4 sides.
i think the marinade + the tightly packed skewer of ONLY CHICKEN (no veggies mixed in) magically gives you quick grilled chicken that is not dry. my boyfriend can't believe i cracked the code to moist, grilled chicken. i like to serve over herbed cous cous with tomatoes.

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This sounds good! I'll be trying it within the next few days - thank you!


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Yes...soak them in Yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, oregano, salt for about 2 hours. Remove most of the marinade and put in a paper bag with bread crumbs or crushed whole grain corn flake and shake to coat.
Then bake them about 20 mins or more depending on the thickness.

Kabobs are also good. Cut the meat in cubes (marinate them with soy, Worcester, garlic powder, ginger powder for 1 hour)...layer with onion and bell peppers and grill or broil.

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Start with bone-in, skin-on chicken and cook as planned. Then remove the skin and bones and eat. Voila! Juicy, delicious chicken.