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Made cupcakes and r cooling should I wait till tomorrow to frost with fresh cream cheese frosting if I am serving tomorrow

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chocbird09 added almost 2 years ago

I would frost them tomorrow, but I hope someone more experience will answer as well.

Cam Tucker added almost 2 years ago

Yes it is fine to frost them tomorrow. Unless you are going to decorate them (after frosting them) then wait until the cupcakes are FULLY cool the frost, that way the frosting will be firm.

Katie added almost 2 years ago

It works great to frost the cupcakes the day after they are baked as long as they are stored properly. I would store them in a container that will prevent the cakes from drying out. Also, if you're in a real bind (in the future), you can always make the cupcakes and freeze them (in airtight container with parchment paper between layers) for a few weeks, thaw and then frost. While the frozen cupcakes do not have quite the same taste of freshness, they save time and headache if in a time crunch.

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