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How do I cook tilapia

asked by a Whole Foods Market Customer almost 4 years ago
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added almost 4 years ago

Tilapia is a firm white fish and a simple saute in butter with garlic should be sufficient. You might add some good fish herbs like chervil, tarragon, sorrel or thyme. Salt and pepper of course.

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added almost 4 years ago

I use a dusting of "Wondera Flour" on the fish for the sautee/ fry in butter.

And finish with more butter, lemon juice , and capers. But any type of pan sauce is good.

You can find "Wondera flour" in the baking section at most stores; it's in a blue paper cylindrical container with a shaker top which makes it great for dusting a bit of fish or meat for frying.
It makes a great crust on the fish and IMHO superior to just a All Purpose flour dusting as it cooks up without any gummyness, and most crispy.