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I'm going to cook a couple filet mignon steaks. I want to sear them on the stove and then finish them in the oven with butter.

How long and at what temp do I cook the steaks in the oven?

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ChrisBird added almost 2 years ago

There is no precise time. It depends on how done you want them, how thick t hey are, how long they were seared, the temperature they were at when you put them in the pan to , and the oven temperature. Best to use a probe thermometer unless you are confident you can determine desired doneness by touch.
Sorry to be less helpful than you want. There are just too many variables.


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added almost 2 years ago

Set the oven to 225 degrees. If you have a good feel for the "poke," it's quite accurate. Otherwise, as ChrisBird suggests, use a thermometer. For a doneness of not more than medium, remove the steaks from the oven when you get a reading of about 130, then cover them with a piece of foil and a kitchen towel and let them rest for about 7 minutes.

Scottielew added almost 2 years ago

Thank you both so much!

JulieBee added almost 2 years ago

Hi there...I usually sear on high heat in a cast iron pan on the cook top (don't foget lots of kosher salt and fresh ground pepper), then I just put entire pan in a preheated 400 degree for about 5-7 minutes.
Perfect every time.

Scottielew added almost 2 years ago

Thank you Julie! I'm going but the kosher salt on them first and draw out that liquid for a better sear. I will do that for about 30 mins and rinse it and cook them.

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