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Does anyone have a recipe for a layer cake that can be made ahead and frozen after filling?

My 5 year old son has requested a tiered layer cake for his birthday party. His party is during a really busy time for me so I want to make as much of the cake ahead and freeze it. Does anyone have a good recipe for a non chocolate cake that can be made and filled ahead and then frozen? I can do the frosting the day before the party, so the look isn't a problem but I would love not to have to level and fill all of the layers that day as well. Anyone have suggestions?

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nzle added over 1 year ago

Unfortunately, cake filling doesn't freeze well -- it will expand and contract and possibly damage the layers themselves. You can freeze cake layers easily, though, and then stack/fill/frost them after they've thawed.

petitbleu added over 1 year ago
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I've had great success freezing layer cakes, actually. I don't doubt that Nozlee makes a good point, but I have frozen layer cakes made with buttercream icings, and they have been just fine. I wouldn't recommend freezing a whole cake with whipped cream-esque icings or with meringue topping, but if you're using buttercream and some fairly solid fillings (lemon curd comes to mind), I don't see why you couldn't freeze it. Just thaw it out in the refrigerator so it thaws slowly.

elle1456 added over 1 year ago

The Cake Mix Doctor includes freezing instructions and advice in some of her recipes. Many public libraries have her books, and she has put a few recipes on her site:

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