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Chili! Yummy yummy Chili!

I need a recipe for a great Saucy chili. And is Quinoa good in chili?

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added over 1 year ago

here are 3 good ones:

I've never had quinoa in chili. Have fun!

Cannizzo added over 1 year ago

Of course it would be like Mac and chili only healthier go for it good idea I add some bulk Mexican chorizo to my chili

jmburns added over 1 year ago

Chili does not have quinoa in it. If you want to make some concoction that has quinoa and tomato sauce and Mexican spices go ahead just do not defame chili by calling it chili

Cam Tucker added over 1 year ago

I made my chili with quinoa and it was great!

jmburns added over 1 year ago

It was not chili.

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