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Vegan substitute for ghee or butter?

My husband recently announced he's becoming a vegan, throwing me into a bit of a panic about some of my favorite recipes. Any suggestions for a vegan substitute for ghee or clarified butter? I love Indian cooking and feel that the flavor given by ghee is going to be hard to replace....

asked by Salt Tooth about 3 years ago
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HalfPint is a trusted home cook.

added about 3 years ago

Oil, maybe? Ok, the nutty-ness of the ghee won't be there, but the oil should function the same way. Maybe a good olive.

added about 3 years ago

Thanks HalfPint!


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added about 3 years ago

Before using ghee on a regular basis, I always used plain canola oil whenever cooking Indian food. I agree with HalfPint that it won't provide quite the same flavor. If you're preparing vegan food, however, you'll probably be buying a lot of nuts, so consider using them (especially cashews that you buy raw and then brown over gentle heat in oil, and almonds that you dry roast and then grind up) to enhance your sauces. ;o)

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Thanks Antonia!

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yeah....first you have to know.....u too came from animal why do u need vegan food when u yourself came from flesh and blood....please transformation comes from inside....since we have animal instinct we need to transform our self to higher being or higher consciousness...that is why we have these are tools to explore within ur self who are you?....than you will know that you are just an animal like others....knowing that resentment comes and so do ego...therefore ego is just an illusion u make inside your mind to show others that you r not an animal and so. but the real transformation comes when you will see that you are an animal and you accept that instead of resenting what will happen..u will have an urge to surrender your animal instinct and as your meditation improves so is your ability to surrender. this is real doesn't matter whether u r vegan or whatever outside....the change has to come from ghee is an example of that transformation....yeah it has came from a cow.....but it has transformed into the higher state...i would say that ghee won't carry any emotions neither ego or any animal instinct. it has transformed from animal to absolute purity....
let there be peace.........

Susan W

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What? Nameste.