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Can someone suggest a plum to substitute for wild plums for making plum jam?

I no longer have access to wild plums but would like to at least get a suggestion of their unique flavor when I make plum jam. So far I haven't been successful although the jam is good. Can anyone suggest a plum similar to a wild plum?

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Diana B added over 1 year ago

If you can find sour greengage plums, I would think they'd work well. Very hard to come by where I am, at least, but worth a try.

jamcook added over 1 year ago

One year I made plum jam with lots of different varieties...whatever I could find..little Mirabelles, sugar plums, some Santa Rosas and another variety that remains nameless. it was a wonderful hybrid taste and an extraordinary color. sometimes Serendipity is the mother of invention. good luck

Maedl added over 1 year ago

Damson plums should work. I made a spiced jam with damsons several years ago that was especially good. Damsons have loads off pectin, so it is an easy jam to make.

ATL added over 1 year ago

Thanks everyone. Very helpful suggestions! I'm going to experiment and it should be interesting.

Tina Z added over 1 year ago

You may want to consider trying pluots as a substitute. I made a pluot jam and added fresh thyme. It was delicious served on a baguette with some Brie.


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added over 1 year ago

not sure shiro or formosa plums are still available in your area (they're gone here in DC) but they are fabulous and great for making jam!

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