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I have a tin of tuna, homemade wholemeal bread, black olives... Ideas please!

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added over 3 years ago

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added over 3 years ago

Hopefully it's a tin of really good oil packed tuna. But from that starting point you are on your way to pan bagnat. Get some salt packed capers and rinse those in cold water. Thinly slice some radishes. Chop the olives. Layer it out. You can drizzle some of the tuna juice on the bread. Salt and pepper of course. I would say add sliced tomatoes, except that we are no longer in tomato season in the northern hemisphere. There's good lettuce and watercress around so you can include leaves of either.

Kizandtango added over 3 years ago

Go for nice simple comfort food. Slice the bread lengthways, drain tuna and grate some cheese. Find some tom puree, paste or anything inbetween (Or reduce tinned tomz, garlic balsalmic glaze down for a sauce then strain) and make a long pizza. Put in oven until breads crispy and everything has melted, its fast and gorgeous :-D

IanCardy added over 3 years ago

Sorry Amanda but thanks for the other two ideas.


Amanda is a co-founder of Food52.

added over 3 years ago

IanCardy, no need for the apology! Just figured I should let you know, and so glad that you were able to get some help for your question.

Nora added over 3 years ago

IanCardy, your list of simple and good ingredients is enough to start fantasies going. I suggest a bottle of wine and a sweetie who doesn't mind eating with his or her hands, and there you go.

nutcakes added over 3 years ago

Hi Food52 which hosts foodpickle had a weekly contest for recipes. Look what won best sandwich, I think you can adapt it:

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