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I just poached fish in olive oil. What ca I do with the left over oil? It seems like an expensive waste to toss it out.

asked by chef on everit almost 2 years ago
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Amanda Hesser

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added almost 2 years ago

You can use the leftover oil and any leftover fish to dress a salad; especially a potato and fish salad.

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Save it for this recipe..

Either using more poached fish in the olive oil, or the tuna.
I've done it with poached fish in the oil with the tomatoes...but the flavors didn't really pop like it does with good canned tuna and the addition of the oil in the can...Still the flavor and use of the oil should match..and you really won't have much left over oil as it's swimming in olive oil...that gets flavors with the tomatoes and sucked up with the pasta..and bread for dipping. Good stuff.

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Shrimp-ajillo-ct-1585271-l There's always an after thought...

Shrimp Ajillo, Super easy Spanish Tapas dish.
Peal Raw shrimp and put in little heat proof dishes. Add some canned smoked red peppers..or slices of red chili pepper, or red pepper flakes...layer in the shrimp with couple thin slices of lemon; and sliced garlic, Add a bit of butter on top..and smoked paprika and thyme (thyme is optional, but I like it when it's fresh). Cover it all with the oil..again..swimming in olive oil.

Throw that under a broiler and broil under the smell happens and the shrimp is pink and cooked. Garnish with chopped parsley...serve that with good crusty bread for getting all the oil and eating with the shrimp. A full meal if you add a salad. Again, you won't much oil leftover.

(I use a hot oven and let it cook a bit more slow...and then turn on the boiler to finish).