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I have fresh crab and dinner guests tomorrow. I'd love some good advice! Thank you

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threefresheggs added over 1 year ago

How much crab vs. how many guests?

Legend added over 1 year ago

I have 3 large crabs and 4 adult guests.

threefresheggs added over 1 year ago

Your yield after picking is probably about a half-pound of crab. If it were me (and it is cold here tonight) I'd be all over a crab bisque – steam the crab, pick the meat throughly, and boil the shells to make your stock – look for a jasper white recipe, he is a master at this – if you can get some fresh corn, you could roast the kernels and sprinkle them on to just before serving. Otherwise, you might try crab cakes – maybe serve those over some roasted corn and pimento with a smoked paprika aioli?

Gosh, now I wish I had some crab...

CaramelBlond added over 1 year ago

BTW, you might want to supplement the crab with good quality cold pack crab for bisque or chowder.

threefresheggs added over 1 year ago

Either way, you can do a lot of the work tonight, which is always a nice bonus!

threefresheggs added over 1 year ago

Think of it as your first course... CaramelBlonde is right, it won't make enough for a main attraction.


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added over 1 year ago

We don't know enough to say much. If you are in the San Francisco area, and you're having Dungeness crab, three crabs four four people could be fine with just a big salad and some sourdough bread.

Ascender added over 1 year ago

Definitely depends on what type of crab. A Dungeness crab offers lots of meat but Gulf and Atlantic crabs are tiny.
I'm assuming you have Dungeness because they've just come into season. I'm also assuming you bought cooked crabs. The question is whether you want your guests to pick the crabs at the table or whether you want to do the work for them. If you don't mind a very casual (messy) dinner, simply chop the crabs into large pieces and crack the major shells, so guests can break into them and pluck out the tender meat.
If you want to do the work, give yourself plenty of time and extract the meat from the body and legs in the largest pieces you can. Dungeness crab is so delicious, I like it piled on top of a salad with just a squeeze of lemon juice and a dipping sauce/salad dressing on the side. On either side of the mound of crab, make lines with slices of avocado, crumbles of blue cheese, slices of hard boiled egg, crumbled bacon, etc. Choose flavors you enjoy to make it like a crab cobb salad. Delicious! The other ingredients stretch the crab and satisfy bacon lovers, etc.

Mindy Ross added over 1 year ago

I would make Crab Louie! I know it's super-retro, but it's also very good. It is my grandma's favorite thing, which she always makes for her bridge club - and we used to catch Dungeness on the beach at her house, so she knows what's up with crab.
I've been looking around, and this recipe has the prettiest picture and the classic dressing:
(No affiliation, I was just looking for a good recipe to add to my Pinterest.)
I would include avocado and skip the asparagus and tomato since they're not in season. Fennel sounds good to me too, though I love fennel in everything. I also saw a tip for using half plain yogurt instead of full mayo.
Of course the other thing to do is serve the crab on newspapers with bowls of melted butter, and give your guests nut crackers. Always a win!
If you have good crab, there's *almost* no way to mess it up. Keep it simple. Good luck with your dinner!

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