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Things that do not do the job they are suppose to do, and anything that is as seen on tv..

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HalfPint added over 1 year ago

The Misto oil sprayer. We had one which sat on the kitchen counter collecting dust and was hardly ever used. It seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase, but then I just didn't get the satisfaction in it's performance that was sort of implied. After it was all said and done, I can easily brush a thin coat of oil onto my pans. What else could you do with it other than spray oil onto cooking surfaces?


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added over 1 year ago

OMG, I am so glad you said that. I have gone through two of them. I thought it was just me.


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added over 1 year ago

Ditto! I just bought some Lekue citrus misters for Christmas stocking, and my oil mister experience has me suspicious. But the guy at the store says they're great..

HalfPint added over 1 year ago

OMG & LOL, I thought I was bat-s***t crazy because I couldn't work an simple oil sprayer. And that sprayer would get clogged after a couple of spritz.

Sam1148 added over 1 year ago

Haha...I gone through two "Misto's" also. I don't learn well.

Now, I just get the plastic squeeze bottles from wal-mart. About a buck each. And use those for olive and peanut oil.

susan g added over 1 year ago

I actually like my refillable oil sprayer (not Misto). The secret is to fill it only to the line, just about 1/2 way up. It keeps me from being heavy handed.

cwya added over 1 year ago

Anybody thought to use oil sprayer for roasting? This would be a substitute for frying where you use on potatoes, poultry, veggies etc for a healthier substitute for saute etc to reduce fat quantities

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