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beef broth problem

I've always made chicken and turkey broths, and decided to make a beef broth. Sadly, I did this without consulting a recipe (i made it without browning the bones which i now know is important) and now i have a really oily batch of broth. is there any way to save it or re-purpose it?

asked by juliet.a about 3 years ago
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added about 3 years ago

If I understand the situation correctly, simply let the stock cool in the refrigerator overnight then skim off the solidified fat.


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added about 3 years ago

ChefOno is correct. Refrigerated the stock will form a fat cap which is easily scooped off. It's not always necessary to brown bones for stock, although it does add some nice color.


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added about 3 years ago

You can skim the fat off and discard it. An easier way would be to cool in the fridge. When the fat solidifies on top, you can just scoop it out. Your broth should be fine.

added about 3 years ago

Once you remove the fat and you wish to darken the broth, you can either add the stock to very well caramelized onions (old restaurant trick is to nearly burn halved onions on a grill or in a saute pan and adding to broth); or really cheat and use Kitchen Bouquet.

added about 3 years ago

thanks so much for the tips! i'm still new to making everything myself.