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Can you roast two beef tenderloins (6 & 7) in one big pan? Also is 1/2 lb per person enough?

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SKK added over 1 year ago

Yes you can roast 2 tenderloins in one pan. And you will need a meat thermometer to let you know when they are done to your liking. Here is our all time favorite recipe for beef tenderloin and I have found taste trumps quantity.

SKK added over 1 year ago

Here is the whole link <a href="http://food52.com/recipes/14725_porcini_and_rosemary_crusted_beef_tenderloin_with_port_wine_sauce" target="_blank">http://food52.com/recipes/14725_porcini_and_rosemary_crusted_beef_tenderloin_with_port_wine_sauce</a>

SKK added over 1 year ago

http://food52.com/recipes... Tried again.

amysarah added over 1 year ago

Roasting two together is fine - as long as the pan is large enough so they're not crowded, and air can circulate around each one. And yes, I usually figure 1/2 lb. per person - you could probably do slightly less, but that's enough for a generous portion, and/or a few slices to eat deliciously cold the next day.

JennyD added over 1 year ago

Thank you !

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