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Wreath Stollen from ancient Seventeen Magazine?

About 30-35 years ago, my mom and I made a beautiful and delicious wreath stollen from a recipe we found in Seventeen Magazine (yes, I was in the Seventeen demographic at the time). To this day, I remember the delicious fruit filling and lovely little holly leaves and berries we made out of dough and attached to the rolled wreath. I thought I'd cut the recipe out and saved it, but haven't been able to find it in my or my mom's recipe file(s). I even contacted Seventeen Magazine a few years back but never heard back. So this is a shot in the dark . . . are there any Food52-ers out there who might happen to have this recipe? Or anyone who has a recipe for something similar? Would love to recreate it for my mom and my family. Thanks!

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Lindsay-Jean is a Contributing Writer & Editor at Food52.

added over 1 year ago

This blog features recipes from vintage issues of Seventeen. She hasn't posted a stollen recipe, but perhaps you could leave a comment and let her know that you're looking for it - maybe it will turn up! http://cookbookcherie.wordpress...

TobiT added over 1 year ago

Thank you so much, lindsayjean! Will do!

SeaJambon added over 1 year ago

TobiT - Don't have the recipe (sorry!) but do remember making it. If memory serves, you could also make it as a Christmas tree. It WAS good (or you and I have share nostalgia lenses). You just conjured up a very delightful (and deep down) memory! Thank you.

TobiT added over 1 year ago

SeaJambon - thanks for confirming my memory! I contacted CookbookCherie and she thinks she may have seen the recipe. If her digging turns up anything I will let you know.


Lindsay-Jean is a Contributing Writer & Editor at Food52.

added over 1 year ago

Oh nice! My fingers are crossed for you! Please do share if she's able to find it.

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