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Best fish soup or stew (no shellfish)?

My family is in love with the salmon mosque recipe here. I doubled the recipe, hoping for leftover dinners but they licked the bowls and cleaned me out! Can anyone recommend similar seafood soups or stews (but due to allergy no mussels or clams if possible )

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lloreen added over 1 year ago

Sorry that is " salmon moqueca" (:'#* iPad) recipe of winnieab

a Whole Foods Market Customer added over 1 year ago

I think that a white fish (hake, cusk, pacific halibut or a line-caught cod) and chorizo is always a great combination. You could use this recipe as a base: http://www.food52.com/recipes...

But just swap in the white fish for the oysters and a fish stock for the oyster juice.


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added over 1 year ago

Can you eat shrimp? http://food52.com/recipes...
This is also really good--you could eliminate whatever your family members are allergic to, and increase the fish, maybe use 2 different varieties:
And I haven't made this, but Rivka's recipes are all really good, so i'm sure this one will be:

Tarragon added over 1 year ago

I've made Drbabs' gumbo and would highly recommend it. And although I haven't yet made it, I have my eye on inpatskitchen's salmon chowder, http://www.food52.com/recipes... - you can use fish stock or, if you can eat shrimp, shrimp stock.

bigpan added over 1 year ago

Maybe consider a seafood paella.
You can also add in some chicken and/or chorizo. Remember, rice is nice!

BoulderGalinTokyo added over 1 year ago

I love cioppino.
How many people have the allergy? Since it makes a huge amount after the cod (white fish fillets) and shrimp, you can remove several cups of broth and non-allergic items, then add clams or mussels. When serving, no one needs to know that "A" has a different version of the dish.

BoulderGalinTokyo added over 1 year ago

OOPs, didn't specify. You would be making two pans of cioppino, one with shellfish, one without.

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