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I roast chicken before using it for stock to lose some of the fat. Am I also losing collagen?

asked by gotligirl about 3 years ago
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added about 3 years ago

It really depends upon how long and at what temperature but, generally speaking, the loss is marginal. If you want to develop maximum gelatin in your stock (always a good idea), the longer it simmers, the better (I do mine overnight at a sub-simmer).

As a side comment, there are easier but equally effective methods of removing fat but no better method for developing rich, complex flavors than roasting.

added about 3 years ago

To get your best collagen boost and least expensive chicken investment, hot roast wings at 375-400 degrees with your stock vegetables.The wings have a high ratio of caramelization due to the heat,and end up imparting great flavor to the broth. Re - cook the roasted wings and veggies in water,barely covering, for 1-2 hours until limp and rendered of all fat and life. Strain and discard the veggies,retain the chicken and broth.I often take the roasted and boiled wings , cool them overnight in the frig, and remove the meat for chicken salad or other mild uses. If you use a lot of good stock flavorings(herbs,poultry seasons,etc. ) on your wings and veggies,the broth will be very gelatinous when cold. Any fat can be hardened and easily removed( not thrown away!!!) for further enjoyment. I roast my wings and vegetables on a lined cookie pan (parchment or foil) for about an hour or very sizzling and brown.