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Is it safe to freeze breading?

My mom used to freeze the breading she used to make breaded chicken cutlets when I was a kid; this way she could use it up and not waste it. Is this safe?

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nutcakes added about 1 year ago

By "breading", do you mean homemade breadcrumbs? If so, then yes, freeze it and it is safe. If you don't, it will mold at some point and you shouldn't use it. Homemade breadcrumbs will last 6 months in the freezer in a ziplock bag. Only 5 days on the counter depending on how old the bread was to begin with and how warm it is in your house.

nutcakes added about 1 year ago

Oh, to be safe, only save the breadcrumbs that were not used to coat chicken. Any crumbs that were in the pan when the chicken was rolled in it must be tossed. Just save the breadcrumbs that were on the side and hadn't yet been used. Sorry if this is a total 'doh'.

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