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I live in Russia and the cuts of meat at the butcher are different than in the States. What is chuck? Any substitutes for this?

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QueenSashy added about 1 year ago

The cuts vary from country to country, and sometimes different countries use the same name for a different cut. A lot of the meet cut charts are available on the internet. You can start by looking at the meet cut chart you are familiar with and then look for equivalent or similar cuts at your meet shop. (For example, I often turn to the charts at http://www.virtualweberbullet... )

Maedl added about 1 year ago

I spend much time in Germany and have the same problem with meat cuts. I have an excellent butcher who is very patient with the resident Ami. I figure out which part of the beast the cut comes from, explain what I want to do with the meat, bring the recipe and picture and we work out the German equialent. orks every time.

Chuck is a piece of meat used for long, slow cooking--pot roasts, stews, tagines, etc. It is rather fatty and not considered a choice cut, but cooked properly, it is delicious. Good luck!

Daria Faulkner added about 1 year ago
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Шейка, если я не ошибаюсь, это называется в России.

Courtnay added about 1 year ago

Точно! Спасибо!

jsdunbar added about 1 year ago

When I was a child, my mother ordered ground chuck from the butcher. I considered it the equivalent of ground beef, so something that would be a pot roast if it wasn't ground.

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