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What causes macarons to sticke to parchment paper?

I just made macarons for the first time and everything was great, they look good with nice feet, except I can't get them off the parchment paper. What should I do when this happens next time?

asked by anthngn about 3 years ago
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Susan is a Recipe Tester for Food52

added almost 3 years ago

Try using a silpat, it's non-stick. Also use a small off-set spatula to remove them, don't pull. That should help! Or, they could be slightly underbaked (by a minute or so).


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added almost 3 years ago

They stick because there is no fat in macarons. If you use the right side of the parchment, it should peel off without incident. Or use a silpat, as suggested above.

added almost 3 years ago

Macarons contain a lot of sugar and that sugar bakes onto the parchment or silpat (non-stick baking mat) causing the macarons to stick. The best way to remove macarons easily is: Have some boiling water on the stove while the macarons are baking. Immediately after removing the macarons from the oven, lift one corner of the parchment and pour a small amount of boiling water under the parchment. Pick up the cookie sheet and let the boiling water run under the entire parchment (careful not to let the macarons get wet). The steam from the water will release the macarons easily. Remove the macarons immediately to a cooking rack.