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I took chkn breasts out of the freezer yesterday morning, and left them to thaw in a bowl of water, and forgot abt them till 2day, shld I thr

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added about 1 year ago
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Was this at room temperature or did you place the bowl in the refrigerator? If you left it out on the counter I would throw it away, I always play it safe with food, especially poultry. My rule is if in doubt throw it out! If it thawed in the fridge it is probably safe.

Savorykitchen added about 1 year ago

If the chicken is in the fridge, you're fine. On the counter, toss it out, no doubt. In general, you should thaw meat in the refrigerator on a tray, not in water. That will take about 24 hours. If you want to that's something out quickly, put it in a bowl and leave it in the sink with cool water running over it (just a dribble) until it is thawed. Then cook immediately.

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