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What is "Airline Chicken?"

A special cut I'm unfamiliar with or more of a cutlet?

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keel added about 1 year ago

A boneless, skin on chicken breast with a small drumstick attached.

creamtea added about 1 year ago

traditionally served with a side of canned peas and carrots.

bigpan added about 1 year ago

Wing bone on (with tip cut off) would be a French Airline Cut, wing bone off is North American style, ie, the breast alone. Originally used for airline meals to fit onto the small plates and dishes you get. (or used to get - now you get a bag of peanuts for five bucks)

Lazarus added about 1 year ago

Thank you y'all. Seems like I've only recently started seeing recipes mentioning this cut.


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added about 1 year ago

Indeed, I remember those days well. I actually have some old metal trays and spoons from United Airlines and National that I was able to pick up from Fishs Eddy.

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