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What type of chocolate do I use for Chocolate Lava Cake?

I am making a gluten Free chocolate lava cake. It calls for 5 oz of melted Dark chocolate. I don't know if I should use bittersweet chips, a dark chocolate bar, such as Giradelli's, Nestle's, Dagoba, or even Hershey's. I don't know which percentage of cocoa, 60 %, 70%, etc. has anyone else ever made one, and with what success. Thank you.

asked by pema21 over 1 year ago
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Monita is a Recipe Tester for Food52

added over 1 year ago

You want to use a dark chocolate in the 60% range. A 70% is very bitter. I'd choose the best chocolate you can afford. Since it's melted, it doesn't matter if it's chips or a bar

added over 1 year ago

Although you can use chips, they are engineered to resist melting so a bar may save you some frustration. I would avoid the cheap stuff but I wouldn't say "even" Hershey's. Their Special Dark has a complexity that is unique (as far as I know) and would make an excellent choice for the purpose. Choose a brand you enjoy eating straight. Chocolate labels are somewhat ambiguous but 60% is in the right ballpark.


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added over 1 year ago

This is the recipe I use.I used the Giradelli 60 precent bar.
I used individual ramekin and no caramel addition. It also scales very well if you have a gram weight scale.