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Ideas for my big 3-0! I need help planning a simple yet delish menu for my 30th birthday with 15 friends.

I'm a selective eater (no pork, no beef), a few friends are vegetarian, and the rest meat eaters. I love the idea of picky foods with a main entree. Any input will help :)

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Sam1148 added about 1 year ago

Eggplant Lasagna, with ricotta cheese/spinach stuffing.
Greek Salad.
Greek Stuffed Cabbage leaves with rice or quinoa.
Green beans with a greek tomato sauce (tomato sauce with oregano, basil,cinnamon).
For the meat eaters. Skewers of meat or chicken, marinaded in Greek seasonings. Or baked greek chicken thighs; Served with Hummus and Pita Bread. Spinach spanakopita could come into play.
Or a broiled fish in greek seasoning with a parsley/lemon juice/olive oil/garlic blended sauce.

Lele Bean added about 1 year ago

Yum! Great ideas. Thanks -that sounds awesome.

cookbookchick added about 1 year ago

Sam, are you Greek?

sexyLAMBCHOPx added about 1 year ago

don't forget the tzaziki!

Sam1148 added about 1 year ago

Hahah..Not Greek. But here almost all the good resturants are owned by Greek families and there's a big Greek Food Festival every year. I grew up around this stuff. I forgot Dolmas, and stuff yellow squash too. But that's a lot of prep work.

Summer of Eggplant added about 1 year ago
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For my 30th birthday I served paella. I had a veggie one and and a seafood one. I also made a large salad with mangoes and avocado and a bunch of other vegetarian and pescatarian friendly side dishes that were made ahead of dinner time.

Sam1148 added about 1 year ago

Shhh. If you want to take a short cut for the Chicken Thighs.
Cavander's Greek Seasoning on the chicken. Skin on,Bone in. Oil them, season--let them sit an hour or so and then add a touch of paprika for color. Then bake them. It's a good seasoning; widely available.

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