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Are 4 pounds of fingerling potatoes enough to feed approx 25-30 people? I'm going to be cutting them in half.

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thirschfeld added about 1 year ago

As part of a meal you can usually figure 4 oz serving size per person and that is if it a group of heavy eaters. It also depends on what else is being served. If it is buffet with another starch then you have plenty.

James Durazzo added about 1 year ago

Thank you for addressing this for me. I really appreciate it.

Summer of Eggplant added about 1 year ago

I had 20 people over last weekend and I served 4 lbs. of potatoes as part of a buffet and I had plenty of leftovers.

irinaleibo added about 1 year ago

I agree with thirschfeld, 4 oz pp would be my plan.
Good Luck

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