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Teriyaki sauce substitute

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Sam1148 added about 1 year ago

Can you clarify? A substitute for Teriyaki sauce purchased from the store a general substitute? It's fairly easy to make at home without purchasing a bottle of Teriyaki sauce.

PanJo added about 1 year ago

Teriyaki is sweet+sour+salty+savory. So orange juice for sweetness, vinegar for sour, soy sauce for salty, garlic for savory. Invent!

trampledbygeese added about 1 year ago

Most Japanese just mix soy sauce (2TBS), rice vinegar (2TBS), sugar/honey (1tsp) and salt (to taste) instead of buying teriyaki sause. For a soy allergy use fermented fish sauce instead of the soy and taste before adding salt.

I personally like to add some sake to the mix when I'm making it.

JustBento.com and JustHungry.com websites both have good recipes for making and substituting Teriyaki sauce.

Sam1148 added about 1 year ago

A touch of apricot preserves is good in a teriyaki sauce.

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