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Can you freeze creme fraiche?

Just wondering, since I don't need to use an entire container's worth for a recipe I'm making.

Diana B is a trusted home cook.

asked over 1 year ago
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added over 1 year ago

No. But if you store it in the coldest part of your refrigerator, it will keep for a couple of weeks. If it forms a scum on top, just peel it off with a spoon and use the part underneath.

Next time, make your own. It's less expensive and easy as pie.

added over 1 year ago

Agreed! Adding buttermilk to the tune of 3 tablespoons per cup of cream and letting it sit for 8 to 16 hours until it thickens and has a pleasantly sour taste will get you delicious and frugal crème fraîche.

Diana B

Diana B is a trusted home cook.

added over 1 year ago

Alas, I rarely have either buttermilk or cream in the fridge, but I thank you for the storage tip!