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A tiny bit of yolk got into my whites...can I still make marshmallows?

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added 12 months ago

If you can see the yolk try removing it by skimming it out of the whites with a spoon

darksideofthespoon added 12 months ago

Yolks will destroy your ability to get a very fluffy product. Any fat, yolk or impurities inhibits the whites from whipping up properly. Imagine as air is incorporated into the whites, the yolk acts like a wrecking ball popping all the air bubbles, deflating your marshmallows! I agree with Monita, skim the yolk out or just restart and use the whites for something else, like breakfast.

petitbleu added 12 months ago

I've definitely done this before and have had great success immediately scooping the bit of yolk out of the whites with the egg shell. My resulting meringue turned out great in spite of my worrying. If you're using "farm fresh" eggs, make sure the egg shell has been well-washed. Otherwise, use a spoon as Monita suggested.


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added 12 months ago

Oops! next time separate each egg separately. Add the separated whites together and keep the yolks as far away as possible. That way, if you contaminate one egg white, you won't contaminate them all.

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