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Side suggestions for grilled pork chops?

We're having a BBQ on friday with a few friends (5-6 people total). I usually don't eat pork, but that is the main protein. What is a good side? There are no food restrictions or allergies.

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WileyP added 12 months ago

Baked potato and a green veggie like asparagus or broccoli sounds good to me.


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added 12 months ago

Grill some sweet potatoes to go with the chops. A delicious and (slightly) different choice. Also, a cole slaw is a nice accompaniment. Adds a touch of acid to the mix.

Bevi added 12 months ago
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Cole slaw with red cabbage. Caramelized apples with herbs.


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added 12 months ago

I did something similar last night: white beans (cannellini) with garlic and chopped sage. The beans and sage are a good compliment to grilled pork.

JanetFL added 12 months ago

Black beans and rice would be good also; serve with wedges of lime to squeeze over the dish.

irinaleibo added 12 months ago

Braised fennel!

Pegeen added 12 months ago

Sauteed apples, shallots or white onions, and fennel, with a splash of white or red wine (or sub chicken or beef broth), and a pinch of cardamom. Or just salt & pepper.

darksideofthespoon added 12 months ago

All sounds awesome! Hubby wants roasted applesauce, so I'll probably do that and some coleslaw since I have some purple cabbage hanging out. Pierno, I'm tempted to make your beans too... I mean, after all, no great meal is completed without a starch, right?

QueenSashy added 12 months ago

You can also make some balsamic reduction (basically simmering the balsamic until it reduces to thick syrup) it goes wonderfully with pork chops...

thirteenJ added 12 months ago


chrissyleer added 12 months ago

sautéed apples and onions on top of the chops, serve on a bed of canned white beans pureed with some brown butter. quicker and easier than it sounds!

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