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4.4 lb. beef roast?

I'm having 10 people, including us. There will be sides (rice or potatoes, asparagus) and an appetizer (fish or salad) plus dessert. It is a silver tip roast from the forequarter, which I will be searing and then braising. Do I have enough?

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added 12 months ago

It should be enough. I usually calculate 1/2 pound per person before cooking unless you are cooking for Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.

irinaleibo added 12 months ago

68 oz - 10% shrinkage = 61.2 oz. So 6 oz per person. Should be ok, with plentiful sides. I usually figure a bit over 4 oz pp entree but sometimes people want seconds.......
Good Luck

creamtea added 12 months ago

Thank you!

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