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added 12 months ago

Don't miss revueltos -- a scrambled egg dish that they make with everything from mushrooms to chorizo. It's a dinner dish, not breakfast.

Rich M. added 12 months ago

Great tapas place called Dos de Mayo, Plaza Gavidia 6. It gets crowded. Go early (8:30, 9) and watch as the pace changes through the evening. Sevilla was also where I first had salmorejo, a wonderful creamy (with no cream) tomato and bread soup, served in many places.

lloreen added 12 months ago

Hey, I'm going to Sevilla this summer too - i will take notes on the recommendations. I am also going to Granada


Nancy is a food writer, historian, and author of many books, her most recent being The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook. She also raises olives and makes oil in Tuscany, providing firsthand experience for her forthcoming book about olive oil.

added 12 months ago

Rent a car and drive out to Sanlucar de Barrameda, have a fine fish lunch at Casa Bigote, right on the estuary, try especially tortelitas de camarones, a sort of fritter of little locally caught shrimp, and ortigillas (sea anemone--another local specialty and my goodness, so worth the voyage), drink a glass of crisp, salty La Gitana manzanilla, the local version of sherry, and time your visit so that after lunch you can stroll along the beach and watch the sun set over the Coto DoƱana wild life reserve on the opposite shore.

healthierkitchen added 12 months ago

everything above sounds so delicious! In addition, we enjoyed tiny sardines and cigales, which are a kind of shellfish somewhere between the size of shrimp and lobster. You just peel and eat them. In Sevilla we had the most incredible tapa of teeny tiny baby octopi (sp?) and often tried the chorizo and tortilla tapas. And lots of jamon. Enjoy!

Summer of Eggplant added 11 months ago

All I know is they sell jamon everywhere, even what is sold in the gas stations is far superior to what we get at the grocery store here, binge on it. The food area of the Corte Ingles (dare I call it a Spanish Harrod's?) is impressive. We purchased a whole octopus there amongst plenty of other items at which to gawk. And the regular grocery stores are also such a different experience, I purchased a rabbit at one, don't recall which chain though. If you get a chance to go to the white town of Priego de Cordoba, not far from Malaga, go, it is beautiful. Have fun!

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