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Dirty Vegetables

The Environment Working Group, in conjunction with the Dept. of Agriculture has released its 2013 list of the Dirty Dozen: They are (after testing 28,000 samples):
Apples; Celery; Cherry Tomatoes; Cucumber; Grapes, Hot Peppers; Nectarines (imported); Peaches; Potatoes; Spinach, Strawberry, Sweet Bell Peppers; Kale/Collard Greens; Summer Squash.
They note that Kale/Collard Greens and Squash do not necessarily meet their standards to be "dirty" but are noted to in some cases contain higher than normal levels of pesticides - toxic to the nervous system.
You can also see their "clean list" at ewg.org

asked by bigpan over 1 year ago
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QueenSashy is a trusted home cook.

added over 1 year ago

My understanding is that it applies to conventionally raised produce, not organic, correct?

added over 1 year ago

Correct most produce that is not raised organically and has a skin that to is consumed larger amounts of pesticides on them.

added over 1 year ago

So that list only applies to none organic farms.

added over 1 year ago

Ggrr non* not none

added over 1 year ago

Thanks for the list/link. Sure looks like the powers of darkness are closing in. They threaten us all, even invade the realm of OG farming.

added over 1 year ago

Thank you for posting this bigpan!