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I'm making fish tacos, what are some great side dishes?

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Pegeen added 11 months ago

Arroz con habichuelas (rice and beans, you can make the beans vegetarian or non-veg with pork), unless you're using rice or beans in the tacos. What ingredients are you using to make the tacos and how much time do you have?

Pegeen added 11 months ago

Also consider a crunchy salad (cabbage, scallions, asparagus, lettuces) with some fresh avocado slices. There are great ones on the site: just do a search for "avocado" and "salad."

babytiger added 11 months ago

Sweet potato fries (baked or fried). Corn on the cob or a corn salad (grilled corn would be good in that).

SallyBroff added 11 months ago
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Wilted vinegar based cole slaw.

ZombieCupcake added 11 months ago

http://culinaryarts.about... watermelon salad

healthierkitchen added 11 months ago

I make this with fish tacos all the time, and also do rice and beans on the side.


Pegeen added 11 months ago

You inspired me to make fish tacos this weekend and I loved the corn ideas. These all sound great too:

Traditional Mexican street fair corn:

Dilled Crunchy Sweet Corn Salad:

Roasted corn with lime, parmesan and chili

Corn salad with cilantro and caramelized onions

Pegeen added 11 months ago

Yikes, another one:

healthierkitchen added 11 months ago

Depends when you're planning this - and where- it will be a while in most places till corn arrives!

Pegeen added 11 months ago

For the recipes that don't require the corn to be on the cob - frozen corn is actually pretty good!

dymnyno added 11 months ago

I love fish tacos of all kinds. Depending on the ethnic bent, the sides are very different. Mexican fish tacos love to be paired with avocados, rice and beans and radishes. Asian influenced fish tacos are wonderful with crunchy salads with peanut based dressings or rice vinegar flavored slaws.

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