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A question about a recipe: Lamb Burgers with Cilantro Yogurt

I have a question about the recipe "Lamb Burgers with Cilantro Yogurt " from naomi. I'm not fond of the taste of cilantro, so is there any other herb I can substitute for the yogurt sauce? Much thanks!

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Trena added 10 months ago
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Mint would be really nice.


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added 10 months ago

Definitely, mint would be good. Rosemary is great with lamb, but just use a little bit if you go that way. A little thyme would never be a mistake. Or you could just leave the cilantro out, and it'd still be delicious.


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added 10 months ago

I'm a "soapsuds" person when it comes to cilantro, so I'm always looking for substitutes. Depends upon the recipe what I use. Rosemary and thyme are sometimes good, but often I turn to tarragon or (flat leaf) parsley.


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added 10 months ago

Indeed the "soapsuds" thing comes up a lot. Even though I love cilantro I realized years ago that it's not "an acquired taste". Some people, for whatever genetic reason, and it seems to be a high percentage of population, can't taste the herbaceous flavor and just get a mouthful of soap. I agree with using mint as the best possible substitute. Parsley also being a good match with lamb.

Maedl added 10 months ago

A combination of mint and dill would be good.

Rachel C. added 10 months ago

Thanks for all the replies!

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