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Tips for saving over-whipped cream?

Sometimes I over-whip my cream. Does anyone have strategies for saving over-whipped cream? I've heard something about folding in fresh cream, but I've never tried it.

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Pegeen added 10 months ago

Here's Nancy Silverton's tip on saving the cream from her recipe here, "Nancy Silverton's Whipped Cream"

"Note: Salvaging extremely overwhipped cream can be done. You must add up to 1/4 cup of cold whipping cream and work it in, stirring with a rubber spatula to restore the proper consistency."


Mrs. Larkin is a trusted source on Baking.

added 10 months ago
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Or you can keep going and make butter.

Pegeen added 10 months ago

Mrs. Larkin... I love that.
"Many good inventions were first viewed as mistakes." Not sure of the author but it was someone from the 1800s and so not a Food52 contributor.

Pegeen added 10 months ago

...not that butter wasn't invented before the 1800s :-)

dymnyno added 10 months ago

I agree with Mrs. L. If you haven't already added sugar and/or vanilla the road to butter is easy and delicious.

susan g added 10 months ago

Even with sugar/vanilla, the butter could be great for baking.

lizzyinthekitchen added 9 months ago

I would go the butter route.

CupcakeProse added 9 months ago

Just lower the speed and add a little bit of cream! Saves it every time.

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