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Porcelain Enamelware Cups


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i am not sure of that but i clean mine effectively using these methods: Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and 3 Tbs salt. Spray on the copper, let stand for a while, then rub clean. Or dip a lemon with lemon and salt

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What is the inside made from. My copper set is about 30 years old and still like brand new - French "hotel ware" - very thick copper and thinner inside coating of either stainless or nickle. I can use an abrasive cleaner when necessary without any problem to the inside (or the copper itself). IF your pots are tin lined then you must use lower heat and note that the tinning is usually very thin and can wear off fast. You can get pieces re-tinned, but perhaps consider the lifelong investment of copper ware other than tin lined. The only problem is they last forever and you go to the cookware shops knowing you cannot buy any fancy new stuff because your old tried and true will outlast you.