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Staub tea kettle

Does anyone have experience with Staub's tea kettle? In the market for a new kettle and I can't find any reviews of it online . Thanks!

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healthierkitchen added 9 months ago

I would love to know too! I have also been considering an electric tea kettle but wonder if I really want another item cluttering up the countertop...

Joan Stickles added 9 months ago

I have used a Staub tea kettle for the last five years. They are not cheap, but you'll never have to buy another one. Love it.

dymnyno added 9 months ago

Because they are so heavy, they probably keep the water hot longer.

mtrelaun added 9 months ago

Staub tea kettles are workhorses and worth every penny! I had one for years then traded it in for a cordless, electric Russell Hobbs because I became an impatient tea drinker.

midge added 9 months ago

Thanks everyone! I'm going for it.

QueenSashy added 9 months ago

I had one for about a year and it got rusty around the edges.

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