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Pulled pork

I'm making pulled pork in the oven for my boyfriends colleges. How much for 15, when we are having sausigers, coalslaw and bread to?
And what temperatur if I put it in the oven in the notning or the Night before?

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jmburns added 8 months ago

I would think maybe 6 or 7 lbs of pork shoulder. There generally is a lot of fat in these cuts. I would put I the oven about 2 hrs at 350 and check tenderness after that. You should be able to just pull it apart with forks.

Dave on the grill added 8 months ago

I agree, but it may take a little longer than 2 hrs @ 350. Make sure you get a Boston Butt with bone in, not a Picnic. Put a simple rub all over and cook it up. When you can pull the bone out, it's done. I usually slow cook it @ 250.

Dona added 8 months ago

I cook mine 7-8 hours. The pork needs to reach 195 to be pullable.

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