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A question about a recipe: Chilled Tomato Peach Soup

I have a question about the recipe "Chilled Tomato Peach Soup" from Beth Kirby | {local milk}. Haven't made the soup yet, but plan to for a holiday lunch. My question is, the photo makes the soup look creamy; would it suffer from less cream, or even just using the cream as a swirled in garnish? I'm looking for something light. Thanks!

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added 8 months ago

Using the cream just as garnish will just the flavor of the soup but that might be fine. Keep in mind you will also be losing 2/3 cup liquid which you might need to make up somewhere else. If you'd like to avoid the cream, maybe you'd like to make a peach gazpacho. Here's one I like: http://www.marthastewart...

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