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A question about a recipe: Golden Quinoa Cakes with Salsa Fresca


I have a question about the recipe "Golden Quinoa Cakes with Salsa Fresca" from gingerroot. My produce guru told me Hatch chiles are only available in Aug. What's a good sub? He recommended Anaheim..

asked by Nicole 12 months ago
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added 12 months ago

Anaheim chiles are a good substitute for Hatch chiles and they are available in most groceries for most of the year. They are typically slightly less hot than Hatch chiles.

added 12 months ago

Anaheim provided good flavor but vert little heat.

added 12 months ago

Poblanos would be fine; fuller flavor, less grassy.If you want more heat, add a bit of jalapeno.


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added 12 months ago

Unfortunately the season for Hatch is pretty short although it does extend into September. I agree that Anaheim chiles are the best substitute and they are available year round.