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I'm making stock from the turkey carcass. Freezer space is at a premium (all I have is the freezer in my side-by-side). Can I concentrate the stock down, once I pull the carcass and aromatics out and strain it, and then reconstitute with water when I use it? It seems to me that it'd make sense, but I've never tried it.

asked by Kayb about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

I do this all the time with beef stock and can't imagine why you can't do it with turkey stock. I say go for it!


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added about 4 years ago

I do that with chicken stock, too. I second ChezSuzanne's go for it.

added about 4 years ago

Thanks, Magic Picklers! That's exactly what I'll do!

added about 4 years ago

Absolutely, reduce it way down, and I have recently been freezing stocks flat in the ziploc double seal bags from Costco - a huge space saver.

added about 4 years ago

Yes, I've been doing this for years. I either freeze flat in zip lock bags or in ice cube trays and transfer to zip lock bags after. It's more work upfront, but you save so much space.