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Secret Santa Swap

I do hope we're doing the Secret Santa Swap this year as well. Its nearing that time of the year!

asked by Panfusine 9 months ago
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added 9 months ago

I hope it happens again as well! Unfortunately, I never received a gift last year, and the person I sent a gift to didn't bother to send a thank you note :( I hope I have better luck this year!


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added 9 months ago

How did I miss that? How does one sign up?

added 9 months ago

That sounds fun! Count me in if you decide to do it.

added 9 months ago

Agreed! I've had great fun with this in prior years and hope to participate again this!

added 9 months ago

I never got an acknowledgment of my gift either. I was so disappointed! But it was still fun.


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added 9 months ago

Was a dream both years, both receiving and giving, including notes (some virtual).