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Does nutritional yeast go bad?

asked by emmie 8 months ago
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added 8 months ago

It is my experience that all yeast "goes bad". It's got a shelf life ... even the dried stuff is no good after time.

added 8 months ago

You can keep it up to a year, in an airtight container stored in a dark place like a cupboard. Hope this helps! It's best if you buy quantities you can use in less time, so that it's at its freshest.

added 8 months ago

I make bake a lot of bread and buy yeast in a large quantity because of economics. I keep about a months worth in a tightly sealed jar, and
The rest in in freezer. I have kept frozen yeast
for a very long time with no deterioration.

added 8 months ago

Um, nutritional yeast isn't the same thing as yeast for baking. It's dead at the time of purchase.

But, yes, all foods are subject to degradation; temperature, light and moisture being factors in how long such changes take to occur.

added 8 months ago

Just to reiterate ChefOno, ignore the answers that are for baking yeast. And don't mix the 2 up!

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