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Brussels Sprouts

If I cut brussels sprouts today, do I need to keep them in acidulated water? Or can I cut them and then put in a plastic bag and leave in the refrig until tomorrow? Thanks!!!

asked by Gelfo about 2 years ago
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added about 2 years ago

You can just put them in the frigde, but if you are worried you can always put the in the freezer they're not something that takes long to thaw or just add to a dish frozen.

added about 2 years ago

I would disagree slightly with Zombie. Freezing any fresh veg or fruit will lead to a breakdown of structural integrity. The water in the cells freezes, expands, and bursts the cell walls. Though Brussels Sprouts won't become as squishy as, say, strawberries will, they will lose some of that nice crunch you can get if you cook them just right.
I think cutting them an keeping them airtight would be enough, I don't remember mine browning. They are cabbages, not lettuces, and it's lettuces that brown after cutting. The tough structure should keep them from wilting overnight.
BUT, if you're concerned that they will, then just toss them with some acidulated water, then transfer them to an airtight container.


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added about 2 years ago

I agree - I often trim/cut brussels sprouts a day or even two ahead. They won't turn brown in an airtight container or well sealed plastic bag in the fridge.