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Just got some 5.5 inch mini cast iron casserole dishes for Christmas, any suggestions on what to make with them?

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kimhw added 4 months ago

Individual pot pies.

davidpdx added 4 months ago
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Think about anything you would do in a larger casserole but as individual portions. Mac and cheese would be terrific. Could also do pot pies. Other ideas would be mini stratas, frittatas, Spanish omelets.


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added 4 months ago

And then there's onion soup.

Dave on the grill added 4 months ago

My wife gets Southern Living, AKA I read her Southern Living, and the newest issue has a whole section on pot pies. Check it out.

LE BEC FIN added 4 months ago

At Union Grill in Boston , as soon as you sit down, you are brought a mini cast iron skillet of just- out -of -the - oven cornbread . yummm. Also consider individual egg dishes like Chechouka or Eggs over Hash, where the heated dish is particularly appreciated.

Mo3b added 4 months ago

I have ramekins about that size. I make casseroles, baked eggs, scalloped potatoes, molten chocolate cakes, pear crisps. Everyone luvs having their own portion. Have fun!

Bill F added 4 months ago

Mini cornbreads!

a Whole Foods Market Customer added 4 months ago

They are called cocottes, and you can find cookbooks on amazon or other vendors for cooking with them. As davidpdx said, any casserole or stew you would cook in a large pot, just divide into individual servings. We do tuna casseroles, enchiladas, onion soup, etc

Kristen W. added 4 months ago

I believe I've been served roasted brussel
sprouts in one of those at a restaurant recently, so you can add that to the list.

bigpan added 4 months ago

Get some trivets for them and use them to serve guests (or yourself) with individual side dishes with dinner...roast potato, mashed potato, vegetable medley, anything you would have as a side dish on your plate would look nice on the side in one of these. Then your main plate is just for your main course.
I think the french invented that style of service a few centuries ago (if you were a king).

bigpan added 4 months ago

Also great for making individual corn breads when you serve a chili or bean dinner.

KimmyV added 4 months ago

Mini pancakes??

irina added 4 months ago

individual shepard's pie!

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